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Chungil Chae (Wenzhou-Kean University)
July 13, 2023

Major / Department


The rapid development of information technology has changed the way people do business and make corporate strategy decisions. As a growing number of companies have started using data in their business operations, Business Analytics program arises among many universities around the world in order to meet strong demand for business analytics professionals. It is an emerging subject that uses statistical and quantitative methods for analyzing large volumes of data to promote data-driven decision making and increase profits. Wenzhou-Kean University is so far the first and the only institute that offers B.S. in Management (Business Analytics Option) undergraduate program in China, which provides students with data-driven approach to solve real-world business challenges in the era of big data. Throughout four-year rigorous training, students will learn interdisciplinary courses in business, statistics and computer science and master excellent analytics skills, and finally become leading professionals who process excellent management skills, sharp business insights, international vision, and creative thinking and hands-on experience.

Career Prospects

In the era of information explosion, an increasing number of companies have started to emphasize the importance of big data, as it apparently becomes the most competitive advantage and resources for those who want to win the market. Young professionals in business analytics who can help firms to solve business problems and improve decision makings are urgently needed across every sector of the industry. The business analytics program provides students with a wide range of career opportunities after graduation. They can take leading roles related to economic analysis, marketing research, customer analysis, network security and supply chain in companies such as Big Four, investment bank, consulting, finance, IT, FMCG firms, to name but a few.

Knowledge and Skills

WKU’s Business Analytics program not only focuses on teaching students the knowledge of finance, business and management, but also provides our students with data analytic methods, and computer programing training. It develops students’ business analytics competency, and hands-on experience in solving real business problems, and enables them to understand the cutting-edge development of data analytics and current industrial trends in China. Our students are expected to grow into business analytics professionals with strong research skills and innovation talents who will enter future career confidently.

Core Courses


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