Teaching Statement

Teaching Statement

Chungil Chae https://chadchae.github.io (Wenzhou-Kean University)https://wku.edu.cn/en/faculty/chungil-chae-chad-ph-d/
July 13, 2023

Teaching Statement

My teaching experience began by teaching underprivileged students in a re-development zone of the Pyung-tak, Kyungi-do province in Korea. As an undergraduate student, and after graduation, I served as a tutor for adult learners who had given up their studies to support their family. This experience shaped my understanding of teaching to be a continual process of mutual understanding between a learner and an instructor. As such, teaching is not merely the delivery of knowledge, it is a facilitation of learners to achieve knowledge acquisition. As a teacher, my focus is on the configuration of the learner, context, and learning process. I strive to engage, challenge and inspire growth in my students. In the university setting, I believe college students, as adult learners, possess the abilities to apprehend knowledge and skills, but often they are circumscribed to comprehend. It is my aim, then, to create a successful student learning experience in which students gain an understanding of the basic concepts and knowledge sets, and to apply them to formulate questions, critique literature, and design studies to address their questions.

Moreover, my role as a teacher is to facilitate comprehension, critical thinking, and practical experiences. I recognize that sharing my background often sparks students’ interest in the real-world applicability of theories learned in the classroom. I encourage students to regard workforce education and human resource development as a very effective discipline and best learned through interactive and immersive contexts. For example, I prefer to teach by constructing new knowledge as a result of reflection. These reflections enable me to gauge which concepts students are struggling with and which parts I could expect more critical thinking from students. As Knowles (1980) realized, teachers need to connect their content with the professional or personal experiences of adult learners for learning effectiveness. When beginning a learning facilitation session, I meet every student and start developing personal relationships that link students’ lives with the course. This approach encourages students to be open, inclusive, and share their experiences with the class. I believe that all students are valuable resources with a capacity to become collaborators in the exploration of theory, research, and practice. For this reason, it is crucial to challenge them to share information with others. To facilitate collaborative learning, I encourage brainstorming sessions, group projects, and group presentations. My goal is for students to tell me that they left the classroom, truly knowing what it means to be a collaborator. I encourage students to share diverse ideas, and I am straightforward about not having all of the answers but confident that we may all learn together.

Moreover, I initiate various ways to acquire student feedback during the period of teaching or training so I can calibrate my teaching method based on student needs and desires, along with this feedback, I will continue to grow as an educator. I emphasize the importance of a strong dedication to the profession and the hard work that it entails. I continue to share with students my excitement for learning and the lessons of my professional experiences. I strive to be a thoughtful teacher and mutual learner, and I believe that this is a continuing process.


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